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Introducing The Binge Code Coaching Academy

Become a Certified Binge Eating Coach, help transform lives and build a rewarding and satisfying career where you can live and work anywhere.​

We have some exciting news here at Binge Code.

We are planning on launching a new Binge Eating Coaching Academy this Autumn.

The goal is to train new coaches on how to coach clients to binge eating recovery.

We’ve been coaching sufferers of bulimia and binge eating since 2008 (we pioneered online disordered eating coaching). In the Coaching Academy, you will learn the same proven, effective coaching techniques we’ve been using with our clients for over the past 14 years.

If this sound exciting to you, we would LOVE for you to register your interest and share your thoughts and feedback on what you would like to see in the course. 

By registering your interest you will also get the chance to enroll early to ensure placement. 


Read below to learn more about the Binge Code Coaching Academy.

What’s it like to work as a Binge Eating Coach?

Working as a Binge Coach is pretty special as it offers a deep level of meaning and purpose.

You will play a huge role in your clients’ lives. Nothing beats the feeling of helping someone overcome some of the biggest challenges they face in their life. You can go to bed each night confident you’ve made a positive impact on the world.

Coaching is really a win-win. You get to help your clients to achieve “the impossible” and you get to feel inspired and fulfilled at the same time.

Our coaches regularly receive feedback like this:

Catherine took me from my lowest point in life to becoming a person who finally stopped thinking that something was wrong with me and blaming myself! She changed my life for the better!” – Lisa G

Absolutely life-changing. I can now enjoy eating out with family and friends, holidays, day-to-day life is less stressful and food is now just food” – Name withheld

Having Ieva as my personal coach has been absolutely amazing! She truly helped me to keep on pushing forward… and just getting to talk to her each week was so refreshing!”

7 Reasons to Become a Binge Eating Recovery Coach

  • Impact – Help to transform lives (including your own)
  • Knowledge – Gain knowledge, skills, and confidence
  • Fulfillment – Rewarding and satisfying
  • Freedom – Live and work anywhere.
  • Income – Build and own your own business.
  • Independence – Live life on your own terms.
  • Support – Positive, growth-oriented peers.

Some feedback from our coaches on working as a coach

“Coaching others through recovery has changed my life for the better in every single way imaginable. It has, and continues to be, the most incredible experience and there is not a day that goes by where I am not truly grateful to have made this my career.” 

“I know that the work I am doing is important and I know that I am using my time to make this world a better place for those struggling with eating disorders so this leads to feelings of total fulfilment, job and life satisfaction.”

“I get to wake up every day actually feeling excited to start the day because I know that I am going to be working to support some of the strongest, most inspirational and courageous people I’ve ever met to turn their lives around.”

Why do we need training on how to coach Binge Eating recovery?

Because overcoming binge eating is a challenge. We are trying to fix a complex problem here.

The path to binge eating recovery has many potential pitfalls and obstacles where a client can easily stumble, have a setback, or feel like quitting recovery.

Challenges such as overcoming calorie counting, dropping diet mentality, letting go of all-or-nothing thinking, meal planning, dropping negative self-criticism, balancing hunger, and overcoming weight fears and body image issues.

Unfortunately, many professionals including coaches, dietitians, and nutritionists have limited to no specific training in these areas.

Without adequate training on how to coach a client through these challenges, it’s easy for the client to get stuck, or worse accidentally trigger the client or do more harm than good.

Is there a demand for binge eating coaching?

Yes! And the demand is growing!
Currently, more people are seeking treatment for disordered eating than ever before.

Yet due to high treatment costs, impossibly long waiting lists, and strict treatment eligibility criteria, many people are left without any help and support.

Coaching is in a perfect place to fill that space and it’s one of the reasons we have seen our own coaching business blossoming over the years.

How much money can you earn from Binge Eating coaching?

Coaching binge eating recovery is a new expanding and growing field. Coaches can earn anywhere between $25 – $150 per client consultation.

It’s really up to you where you wish to position yourself within the market.

Who is the training suited for?

This training would be ideal for anyone wishing to pursue a career as a Binge Eating Coach as well as those who simply wish to improve on their existing knowledge and understanding of supporting someone through the recovery process.

Some examples include:

  • A professional or health care worker who engages with clients suffering from binge eating disorder.
  • An individual who would like to know more about supporting a friend or loved one in recovery.
  • Someone who has personally recovered from an eating disorder and now wants to give back and help others to do the same.
  • Someone frustrated with your current job and dreaming of a life filled with meaning, freedom, and impact.

What will I learn in the course?

We want this certification to stand out and be credible. With that in mind, we wish to offer the next level of coach training.

The course will cover all aspects of binge eating recovery, coaching clients on specific issues and how to successfully run a coaching business.

On the course, you will learn how to coach your client so they:

  • Develop a better relationship with food— without diets or “food rules”
  • Find ways to cope other than eating when you feel sad or anxious
  • Build resilience so they can better handle a stressful day, week, or month
  • Nourishing their body in a way that dramatically reduces any binge urges
  • Confidently go food shopping and plan their own meals
  • Can safely eat out in public
  • Feel more balanced, confident, calm, and in control around food.
  • Overcome triggers and binge eating habits
  • Set themselves up for a lasting lifelong recovery.

You will also learn more coaching-specific skills such as:

  • How to identify why your client is bingeing
  • How to create a safe, supportive space for you and your client
  • How to overcome any obstacles, roadblocks, or mindsets that may be blocking progress.
  • How to keep your client committed and focused on recovery.
  • How to work in conjunction with a treatment team

We will also cover aspects of running a coaching business such as:

  • How to run a financially successful coaching business.
  • How to juggle multiple clients effectively
  • How to deal with challenging clients
  • How to prepare for your first coaching session
  • How to protect your own energy

We will also include all the client forms, workbooks, and tools you need to start coaching right away.

This training will provide you with a solid effective framework that you can use to start coaching with immediately after certification.

How will the course be taught?

The course will be 100% online and can be taken from anywhere in the world.

Unlike self-study courses where it’s easy to lose motivation, this course will be taken together as a group. We all start at the same time we all get to go on the same journey together and support and grow with each other along the way. That way you can become part of our amazing recovery community. Connect with current coaches to gain unique insights into the role and share your experiences with other coaches in training along the way.

The course will consist of:

  • In-depth live instructor sessions,
  • Coaching demonstrations
  • Additional reading and video homework assignments
  • Roleplaying assignments
  • Real world client coaching

We also want this to be an experiential program. We believe the best way to learn is by doing, so the course will include a large element of roleplaying coaching sessions and real-world client coaching.

Who will provide the training?

All training will be delivered by our expert coaches, with years of experience and who have themselves recovered from eating disorders.

This means you are offered incredibly special and unique insights together with tried and tested coaching strategies that you simply will not find as part of your training anywhere else.

How long will the course be?

We’re still working out the details but we imagine Binge Code Academy will be roughly a 15-20 week intensive program and will consist of 12-15 modules.

When will it start?

We are aiming to launch the Academy Autumn/ Winter 2022.

How much is the training investment?

We are aiming to create the “gold standard” of Binge Eating Coach training here. The program will be robust, comprehensive and in-depth.

We also aim to keep our price extremely competitive compared to other life coaching courses of a similar nature, none of which offer training to work with binge eating disorders.

We envision the training investment to be around: $4,000 USD

After you graduate you will be able to build your own financially successful coaching business so this really will be an investment in your future.

Additional FAQ’s

What type of personality is best suited to becoming a Binge Eating Coach?

From our experience, we find those who are deeply passionate about helping others make the best coaches. Whilst coaching can be very financially rewarding the true reward of coaching is helping transform lives on a profound level.

What if I have suffered from disordered eating in my past?

Having a personal history of disordered eating can be extremely helpful for your role as a coach. It can help you empathize and be more compassionate with your clients

However, we will ask that you are at least 12 months fully recovered from all food and body issues before being accepted on the course. You must be in a safe, secure space yourself before working with any clients.

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching is very different from therapy.
Coaching is about helping your clients take action to move forward and accomplish their goals. It is very future/now orientated.
Whereas therapy is more about analyzing your past behaviors and introspection.

From our experienced, whilst therapy can be a really helpful tool for many, it’s also often not required for clients to experience a full recovery from binge eating. However, a coach can work in conjunction with a treatment team.

What type of client would Binge Eating Coaching be helpful for?

In a nutshell, Binge Eating Coaching is helpful for anyone who regularly feels out of control around food.
This includes people who:

  • Regularly binge on food
  • Eat when feeling emotional or stressed (emotional overeating)
  • Constantly hop on and off diets
  • Ever feel guilty or ashamed at what you’ve eaten
  • Have been diagnosed with BED (binge eating disorder) or bulimia
  • Are holding on to excess weight
  • Regularly fast or work out to compensate for bouts of overeating
  • Feel embarrassment or shame around your eating habits

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