Access your toolkit

We’ve created this Recovery toolkit for you. We hope you find it helpful! Feel free to share these tools with anyone you who might find them useful (also, we’ve sent these links to your inbox). 

Download the Binge Code Handbook. 

This handbook is packed full of helpful strategies, insights and tools to end binge eating. 

Download the Binge Code Handbook (PDF 11mb)

Download your Free Binge Code Audio Tracks

1. Start The Day (Richard Kerr)

Use this audio start the day on the right foot. 

2. Override Binge Cravings (Ali Kerr)

Use this audio to receive instant support when a craving strikes and to strengthen your resolve and focus.

3. Deep Trance Meditation (Ali Kerr)

This meditation audio will help you to  reprogram your eating habits at a subconscious level so you feel more calm and in control around food.