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For every person who joins, you’ll get $50

That’s right, we’ll pay you $50 per client that you refer to us.

We also offer 50% commission on all digital products purchased. 

How does it work?

The affiliate program gives you a way to generate revenue, by referring clients to us. For every person who joins, you’ll get $50.

When people enter our website using your link and create a new account, your partner information will become permanently associated with that new account. Track the progress from your dashboard

From your affiliate dashboard, you will be able to see live data of how many clicks your links have generated, how much money you have earned and more!

Your partner information is also stored in a long-lasting cookie. Therefore, even if a visitor doesn’t sign-up right away, but comes back and signs up in the next 90 days, you still get credited for this referral.

How will I get paid?

We pay affiliate commissions using a paypal money transfer. Affiliate commissions are sent out on a monthly basis, the first Friday, 14 days into the next month.

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