The SOS Technique

Habits are driving binge urges. 

One of the MAIN habits is Eating food to change your state. 

Instead we are going to replace that habit with The SOS Technique. 


Lesson 1: How to use The SOS Technique to overcome habitual binge urges

The SOS Technique is simple powerful three-step strategy you can use anywhere to overcome any habitual binge urges. 

This first video will give you a big picture overview of how the SOS Technique works:

The SOS Technique is a simple 3 step strategy you can apply whenever you notice any binge urges.  

The 3 steps are: 

"Every time you use The SOS technique instead of binge eating, you are basically shrinking your habit slowly but surely. "
Ali kerr

Lesson 2: How to apply step 2 of the SOS technique: Observe

In this video we are going to deep dive into some of the concepts behind the SOS Technique. The better you understand the SOS technique, the more effective it will be for you.

So, for this next video, let’s have a closer look at part 2 of the SOS Technique: Observe.

It’s about about resting in the space between feeling your binge urge and take action toward based on that urge.

It offers you a chance explore that space without over-reacting or getting too carried away.

Because even though you may have been experiencing binge urges for years. Very few of us truly understand it.

Our knee-jerk reaction is to run away from fear, get rid of it, fight it, hide from it, reject it, deny it. The last thing we want to do is actually look at it and try to comprehend it.

Isn’t it strange that our lives can be controlled by this force that we barely even understand?

Once we see our binge urges for what they truly is, we realize that its not so bad and and it loses its power over us.

It’s just sensation..

And as we become less reactive and more understanding we can listen to these sensations and we can learn from them.

They can tell us when we’re over doing things and need to re-center.

They can become our teacher and we can learn from them.

This is where Observe comes in.

Here are some strategies to help you observe your binge urges:

"I don't want to sugar coat this. In reality this can be challenging. This is a skill, and like all skills you will get better with practice. So don't worry if it feels awkward and rusty to begin with. Stick with it!"
Ali kerr

Lesson 3: How to apply Step 3 of the The SOS Technique: Substitute

A key factor of the SOS technique is substituting our old unhelpful habits.. IE binge eating..with a new habit.

The challenge lies in figuring out what that new habit will be.

What works best for one person might not be so great for someone else so its, important you figure out what works best for you.

Watch this video to figure out which Substitutions work best for you.

Journal Activity

Plan your substitutions

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