Does binge eating give me real joy?

It’s been snowing this past few days, so we’ve been able to take our kids sledding! 

It has been some much needed, back to basics, pure, joyous fun. 

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today. 

This idea of joy.

We are always seeking joy, and a source of that can be food. 

Because food can be really enjoyable. Food is a true source of happiness and pleasure for many.


I believe many of us confuse the joy of eating delicious food with binge eating. 

Because eating food and binge eating are not the same thing. 

They’re two completely different experiences.

This can be really helpful to keep in mind. 

So let’s explore this a little deeper…

Food can be enjoyable. 

Especially when we are really hungry…
and especially for those first few bits, when we really pay attention to the flavors.

However, after those first few bites, most people simply tune out and stop paying attention to the food.

They just presume the food is continuing to give them pleasure.

But if they stopped to think about it, is it really?

As we continue to eat, as we become more full, food loses its flavor, textures merge into one, it becomes much less enjoyable

and eventually, it can start to feel like you’re eating cardboard.

This is good news! because we can learn to be mindful of that. 

This is where bringing attention to the experience of eating food can really help.

So during a binge, I want you to become more aware and ask yourself this one simple question: 

“Does eating this food give me REAL joy?”


And I mean REAL joy here. 

If we were to ask you what joy is, what images would pop into your mind? 

What does joy and happiness mean to you? (For me, it’s’ sledding with my kids)

Often, when we observe how we REALLY feel, 

  • We find that we’re not really enjoying that fifth slice of pizza.
  • Or you may find that too much sugar can feel sickly sweet.
  • Or you’re just going through the motions of eating because there is more food on the plate. 

So, be honest with yourself.

This is all about learning and discovering, not blaming and shaming.

“Does eating this food give me REAL joy?”

If you answered “yes” here, we want you to explore this a little further.

  • What part of it gives you joy?
  • What part of a binge gives you TRUE happiness?
  • Are you pretending to enjoy binge eating because it feels too challenging to stop?
  • If it gives you real joy, why are you reading this?

If you answered “no” here, then ask yourself why you even do it?

  • Why are you holding on to it?
  • Maybe you can explore the idea of letting it go.
  • Will you feel lighter without it?
  • What would happen if you got up and walked away from it?
  • Would you regret that decision?
  • Isn’t it better to eat the food at a later time, once you’re truly hungry and when it does give you true pleasure?

Maybe you feel like you don’t have enough willpower to stop.

But if it’s not giving you true joy, if you aren’t depriving yourself of anything by stoppingyou won’t have to use your willpower to stop.

Doing this, you may find that binges don’t give you the same level of satisfaction that they once did. That’s great! It’ll make them easier to let go of.

I hope you find this helpful! 

Try it out and let me know how you got on 🙂 

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