Coach Sophia

  • Qualified Binge Code Coach
  • Higher National Diploma/ Business
  • 390h Yoga Teacher
  • 11 year Yoga and Mindfulness practitioner

My name is Sophia, a recovery coach for Binge Code.

Over 20 years ago I suffered from anorexia and bulimia with episodes of binging for about 9 years. I discovered my own way to recovery using a very similar methodology as we do here at Binge Code.

I learned to take it one step at a time, to make peace with food and my body and to eventually live happily, healthily and really thrive.

Now, my life’s passion is helping others to do the same.

As your coach, I will be your steady companion throughout your own journey to recovery.

I understand everyone is unique so I will provide you with a personalised approach to meet your individual needs.

In a friendly and supportive way, we will explore together your challenges, your triggers and ways to progress towards improving confidently your health, your general wellbeing and happiness. Together we will build your own tool box of resources and integrate them daily into your life.

I believe, that along with the The Binge Code Methodology, my extensive trainings and the many steps on my own recovery journey have given me the tools and insights into the subtleties of overcoming eating issues.

Yoga has played a large role in my life and I believe the skills learned through yoga enhance my abilities to support you as your coach. I am calm and grounded and most importantly I can deeply listen.

You do have choices- live your life on autopilot or make a real change.

Let me lead you towards clarity, confidence, joy and reconnect to your true potential.

I am full of enthusiasm and confident everyone can make it, so can you!

Let’s get started.