Coach Olivia

  • B.S. in Health and Wellness Promotion (Honors)
  • BA (Hons), Nutritional Therapist
  • 200 RYT Yoga Teacher

Hi 🙂 my name is Olivia and through my recovery from bulimia and anorexia I learned the true importance of listening and taking care of our body and mind as a whole.

I believe in the methodology written in the Bulimia Help Method and in The Binge Code, and I have a passion for helping others that are struggling. I am thankful for my own recovery and how it has uniquely given me a space for connecting with others in a way that better supports them through their own recovery.

Beginning in my late teens and on through the beginning of my college career I struggled with what started out as a diet, that turned into anorexia, and then snowballed into bulimia.

It stuck with me for years, and even though it didn’t look like it from the outside, I was slowly killing myself and what I wanted as a life. I hated what I was doing to my body. I was ashamed. I wanted to stop, but had become so addicted to having bulimia there as my bad friend. It wasn’t until I had finally fessed up and found accountability for myself to get better. I wanted to be well. I wanted heal. I was ready to surrender to the process and recover for the life that I desired to have, without my eating disorder. I was ready, and I did it. I took my life back. And I know that you can too.

As I was going through recovery, the further I went through the more I knew that I wanted to help those struggling with an eating disorder, because I know how dis-habilitating and sucking away from life it can be.

When I recovered, I went to a new school and got a degree in Health and Wellness Promotion in Asheville, North Carolina. The main emphasis for me was the importance of a holistic way of health. Stress reduction, food as medicine, and the mind-body connection has become one of my main principles of living.

I have conducted research studies focused on eating disorders among athletes and issues about negative self-image and have learned the prevalence of this disorder out there and want to benefit this area and de-stigmatize the way that eating disorders are often seen in the public eye.

I have a 200 hour Yoga Teacher certificate and am passionate about mind-body practices in how they can aid recovery and carry you on through the rest of your life. I deeply believe that we should look at wellness holistically from the physical and physiological ways of our bodies to our mental and social wellness as well.

I find joy in traveling, experiencing different cultures, cooking, creative expression, being outside, and being active whether on my yoga mat or in the gym. I believe that activity fuels our states of being well as long as we fuel our bodies well.

I am here to guide you through the methodology of the Binge Code, be a listening ear, and a support during this journey. I can provide you with my own unique coaching style so that you can connect with someone that has been where you are, and I can fit what your needs are for helping you through your journey. I am looking forward to working with you!