Coach Marcela

  • BSc Nutrition and Dietetics
  • MSc Metabolism
  • MSc Public Health
  • PhD Nutrition (in progress)

Hi! My name is Marcela.

I am part of the Binge Code Coaches, with a professional background in nutrition/dietetics.

Growing up as a dancer, I was always in front of mirrors. It was very easy to criticize my body and compare myself to others. There was constant pressure to be thin. I had this voice in my head constantly saying that I wasn’t good enough. that I needed to improve as a dancer and needed to be taller and thinner. I never felt good enough. Eating less allowed me to lose weight and be able to just focus on improving my technique. However, I continued to lose more and more weight to be sure that I was thin enough. I could spend hours planning what to eat and thinking about calories. Besides, I was training extra hours, even when I was injured. Eventually, I could not distinguish if I was thin enough, even if people around me told me that they couldn’t recognize me anymore. There was a moment when I realized I need to make significant changes to be healthy and take care of my body.

This period allowed me to understand what it is to have an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise: having obsessive thoughts about food, endless diets, judging and criticizing the body, feeling guilty about food choices, and spending hours every day on obsessive training routines. During my healing journey, I have learnt to choose a balanced diet (including all types of foods), to relate to myself and my body in a positive way, and to have a good relationship with training and physical activity. I still dance, but with a more positive mindset.

As a coach, I enjoy giving guidance and support to develop a healthy and friendly relationship with food, while also encouraging people to have a positive lifestyle full of joy and freedom.

My approach is to support people to reconnect with themselves, have food freedom, become mindful, and practice self-care.

All of us have struggles, but I believe we can learn from them and grow stronger if we know how to handle them. Each person is unique, and I know we all have something amazing to bring to the world. My coaching will be according to each person’s needs, as all of us are different physically, mentally, and emotionally. We will work on finding your own motivation and inner strength.

I am here to support you and listen to you in your journey, one step at a time. It would be an honor to be part of your transformational life change, finding the best version of yourself, loving, and enjoying life.