Getting started

Before you start coaching, please complete your coaching agreement. 

Next take 10 minutes to complete an “About Me” form. 

Contacting your coach

You can contact your coach via their personal coaching email address at any time. Before your Coach Session you can complete a Weekly Review to let your coach know how you’ve been getting on.  


The Binge Code Program

This is our flagship step-by-step program for recovery. The videos cover our core fundamental tools and strategies for recovery. Your coach may assign you specific videos to watch, or provide additional tools and resources. Click here to access the Binge Code Program

Download our books

The Binge Code

Our step-by-step guide to overcoming binge eating.

The Bulimia Help Method

Our step-by-step guide to conquering bulimia nervosa. Currently the highest-rated bulimia recovery book on Amazon.

Further Info

How coaching works

Your coach will provide you with a link to book in for your first call session. You can choose a time that is suitable for you. Please keep in mind that it is up to you to book your call session each week.

Each coaching session lasts for about 40 minutes. During the call, you and your coach will discuss and reflect on your progress, your challenges and accomplishments. Nothing you do or say could ever disappoint your coach. If you’ve had a tough week, let your coach know. Remember this is your recovery space to be as honest and open as you can with your coach. We are always here for you.

Together we will devise your action plan and goals for the week ahead. Your coach may also assign some additional homework, tailored exercises or recovery activities to help you along the way.

Once the first call is out of the way, we’ll ask you to complete a “Weekly Review” form every week preferably before you speak to your coach.

You’ll be asked to complete a Weekly Review each week – you can do whenever feels convenient for you. Please keep in mind that it is up to you to ensure that you submit a review for your coach.

Your coach will then respond to you via an email containing in-depth feedback, addressing your concerns, offering support and guidance, outlining helpful strategies and answering any questions you may have.

 You are free to contact your coach at any point via email should you have additional questions or should you need additional guidance, support or reassurance along the way. Your coach is always here for you.

Your coach will always aim to respond to your e-mails and weekly reviews within 24 hours of receiving them (Mon-Fri). You are welcome to contact your coach over the weekend – nevertheless, keep in mind that you’ll have to wait for the reply until the beginning of the coming week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zoom is our preferred method for coach calls. 

If you prefer using a landline, your coach can also call you using your landline number – just make sure to specify your preference. We are unable to call you via a mobile phone due to high fees on both ends.

Your coach can also use WhatsApp or FaceTime or Zoom. You can discuss your preferred contact method with your coach via e-mail.

It is also important to keep an eye on your e-mail inbox while you’re waiting for your call. If your coach is having difficulties getting through to you , you will receive an e-mail notifying you of the problem.

If you prefer having your video off during calls just let your coach know. 

You can cancel and reschedule your call up to 24 hours before your coaching session. To do that, use a booking link provided by your coach.

Any cancellations made later than 24 hours prior to the session are regarded as late cancellations. This means that you might miss out on your coaching session for the week.

Our coaches dedicate their time to their clients and plan their days according to the call sessions that have been booked earlier, so late cancellations have a negative impact on their work routine.

If you miss your appointment, you might not be able to get a different coaching time slot for the same week. You should also keep in mind that compensating for the missed call later on is not an option.

If you can’t make it to your coaching session, you must inform your coach about it at least 24 hours in advance. Please cancel any booked calls if you can’t participate in them. If you have cancelled your booking within the allowed time frame,  you can still submit your weekly review to your coach. They will then provide you with detailed feedback and will set you goals for the week ahead. Please allow up to 48 hours for your written feedback to reach you.

You are responsible for booking a call with your coach each week. If you fail to book a call, you might miss your weekly coaching session.

If you’re having problems finding a time that is suitable for you, contact your coach via e-mail – they will do their very best to find a time slot that works for you.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to compensate for the missed call later on. We do not offer refunds for missed sessions or late cancellations.

If you are running late, please let your coach know via e-mail or Skype. Your coach might be able to wait until you are available for a chat. If you don’t inform your coach about being late, they will wait for up to 10 minutes. After this time, your call session will turn into a late cancellation.

You are free to cancel your subscription whenever you wish to do so. Please inform us about your decision and we will do this manually in our system. Please note that we do NOT refund any coaching calls or coaching time if you have left in your current subscription. 

Please email us at and we can discuss this for you

Services offered using this site are generally not covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid.
Coverage and benefits for traditional therapy and counseling services change from one health insurance company to another and from plan to plan, but generally the following rules apply:

  • With many health insurance plans, coverage can be partial or very limited.
  • Even if your plan covers all your costs, the co-pay that you would be required to contribute may be higher than the entire cost of Binge Code Coaching.
  • In many cases, before you can get reimbursed by your insurance company, your therapist would have to diagnose you with a mental disorder or issue. This diagnosis would be sent to the insurance company and recorded in your medical file. In some cases the therapist would also have to provide additional clinical information to the insurance company, such as treatment plans, summaries or copies of the entire record.

The length of time that you spend as a participant of our coaching program depends entirely on your needs. Some people sign up for three months to help them get started, while others want us to guide them throughout the entire journey. It all boils down to the level of support that you require. You can work with your coach for as long as you wish to do it.

Yes. We take your privacy very seriously. Your coach will never discuss anything you talk about during your sessions with anybody else. You may have to switch to a different coach in some cases, but we always ask for your permission before assigning another person to work with you. Your coach will also strive to make you feel as comfortable as possible during the coaching sessions by sharing personal elements of their life and recovery with you.

All of the information that you provide on our website is fully encrypted and secure. We never pass the personal details of our clients to third parties. The only people who have access to this information are our  trained coaches. 

Experiencing temporary weight fluctuations at the start of your journey is absolutely normal, but it’s important for you to realise that following this program WILL NOT cause your weight to spiral out of control. People who are underweight might gain a little bit of much-needed weight, but research shows that most people with bulimia (who are within a healthy weight range prior to their recovery and adopt regular eating habits) end up within 1 kg of where they started – and some even lose weight.

If you suffer from binge eating disorder, you should still expect some initial weight fluctuations (even if you are above your healthy weight). This might be confusing, but you can rest assured knowing that over time your body will learn to self-regulate, your metabolism will heal and you will gradually start to shed any excess weight.

A bit of common sense

It’s important to understand that recovery coaches are NOT counselors, therapists or qualified eating disorder specialists in the traditional sense, even though they are most definitely experts in their field.

This program can provide you with GENERAL ADVICE ONLY and does not offer any professional opinions in regards to your health. If you are underweight or suffer from any deficiencies, intolerances or injuries that may affect your diet in any way, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

Similarly, if you encounter any health complications along the way, such as oedema (swelling of the extremities), chest pains, palpitations, aches and so on, consult your doctor. Serious complications are unlikely, but it’s always best to be safe.

Please contact your GP or medical services if you experience any suicidal thoughts or tendencies. If you do suffer from such thoughts, you will be removed immediately from our coaching service – in such cases, medical intervention is an absolute necessity.