Coach Emi

  • Dietetics and Nutrition – BSc (Hons) Certified by Laureate International University
  • Psychology of Eating Coach – Certified by Centre of Excellence UK
  • Life and Health Coach – Certified Coach Practitioner by International Coaches Federation
  • Yoga and Mindfulness enthusiast

Hi, My name is Emi,

I’m a recovery coach for Binge Code and a Life Coach.

I’m a recovered binge eater, yo-yo dieter and “nothing-ever-works-for-me” skeptic!

I tried everything….

Jumped from diet to diet.

Attended years of therapy for my eating disorder.

Tried every personal development/mindset mastermind book available.

I wasted thousands of pounds in weight loss products, fitness programmes, aesthetic treatments; not to mention the range of different clothes sizes over the course of my 10 year battle with binge and emotional overeating.

I even got a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics!

Nothing made me feel better about myself, nothing stopped the binge from happening.

Until I discovered my own path to recovery using a similar methodology as we do here at Binge Code.

Food wasn’t the problem, my mindset was.

Slowly the urges to binge started to go away, until food completely lost its power over me. I started to leave food on my plate because I was able to finally connect to my body and recognise when I was satisfied. Chocolate now sits in the cupboards for weeks without stressing me out, this is something that would never happen before!

And the most amazing part, my body found its natural and effortless place without having to starve itself. I’m able to enjoy quality time with my loved ones, I no longer use exercise to “make up” for something I’ve eaten and I finally feel normal around food. Food Freedom is life changing!

I’m deeply passionate about helping others to achieve the same.

I have more than 10 years’ experience in the Wellbeing industry and I’ve helped lots of women exactly like you. My approach is focused on helping you to implement the Binge Code steps while supporting you to explore your own limiting beliefs, create an efficient plan to overcome whatever obstacles are holding you back, and keep you accountable on your daily steps so you can achieve the life you want.

I believe everyone has exactly what it takes to get there, as long as recovery is the number one priority.

Can’t wait to meet you, let’s do this!

Com amor,