Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a Recovery Coach

Welcome to our beginner’s guide to becoming a recovery coach! We created this guide to help people who feel driven to help others find lasting peace with food. Whether you’re someone who: Has overcome their own food struggles and wants to help others do the same. Works in a support role or healthcare position and […]

FAQ: BC Binge Eating Recovery Coach Certification

Can I Train as a Recovery Coach if I’ve Suffered From Disordered Eating in the Past? Absolutely! We expressly encourage people with lived experience of disordered eating and other food issues to apply for coach training. People with personal experience of food issues tend to have a heightened level of empathy and unique insight into […]

Would you like to become a Certified Binge Eating Coach?

Introducing The Binge Code Coaching Academy Become a Certified Binge Eating Coach, help transform lives and build a rewarding and satisfying career where you can live and work anywhere.​ We have some exciting news here at Binge Code. We are planning on launching a new Binge Eating Coaching Academy this Autumn. The goal is to […]

How Bulimia damages your teeth

Rotting teeth due to vomiting is a big topic of discussion here at Bulimia Help and it’s not really surprising that a lot of people are very worried about the effects of bulimia on their teeth. If you’ve ever asked the question, “can bulimia cause cavities?” then you should know that the answer is indisputably […]

6 steps to stop binge eating at night

For some people, it happens every evening like clockwork. For others it is an unpredictable occurrence that strikes when they aren’t expecting. It can keep you awake all night and make you feel groggy and depressed the next day. This phenomenon is known as Night Time Binge Eating.   A recent study by Harvard University reports […]

Can you die from bulimia?

So “bulimia and death” – not the nicest of topics I know! It is something that I generally have a hard time thinking about never mind writing about. Most of us want to run for cover when we hear about the potential side effects of bulimia, and who can blame us? I suffered with bulimia for […]

Meal planning for bulimia recovery

I will never forget the disbelief I experienced when I first discovered that a typical meal plan for bulimia recovery consisted of three meals and three snacks a day. Or the fear that came along with the realization that I needed to eat at least 2000 calories a day… every day. Back then I honestly didn’t think […]

101 Bulimia Tips for Recovery

  The better prepared you are for going into recovery the more likely you are to succeed. It’s important to have a clear direction, to understand exactly what to expect along the way, and most of all, to have a plan of action! So if you’re ready to take those first steps towards your new bulimia-free […]

Does bulimia cause cancer?

I remember just a few years ago thinking I knew every bulimia side effect and possible bulimia-related health complication under the sun, until  I read a sentence that totally shook me – “bulimia can cause cancer.” Now bear in mind that I knew bulimia could cause kidney failure, heart attacks and death before this, but for […]

How to stop purging your food after eating

So many of us remain trapped in destructive cycles of bulimia because we are convinced that purging helps us to lose – or at least “maintain” our weight. If you’re already a member of Bulimia Help and have read through our extensive resource on bulimia and purging or if you have accessed our free week long […]