FAQ: BC Binge Eating Recovery Coach Certification

Can I Train as a Recovery Coach if I’ve Suffered From Disordered Eating in the Past? Absolutely! We expressly encourage people with lived experience of disordered eating and other food issues to apply for coach training. People with personal experience of food issues tend to have a heightened level of empathy and unique insight into […]

Would you like to become a Certified Binge Eating Coach?

Introducing The Binge Code Coaching Academy Become a Certified Binge Eating Coach, help transform lives and build a rewarding and satisfying career where you can live and work anywhere.​ We have some exciting news here at Binge Code. We are planning on launching a new Binge Eating Coaching Academy this Autumn. The goal is to […]

Can you die from bulimia?

So “bulimia and death” – not the nicest of topics I know! It is something that I generally have a hard time thinking about never mind writing about. Most of us want to run for cover when we hear about the potential side effects of bulimia, and who can blame us? I suffered with bulimia for […]

101 Bulimia Tips for Recovery

  The better prepared you are for going into recovery the more likely you are to succeed. It’s important to have a clear direction, to understand exactly what to expect along the way, and most of all, to have a plan of action! So if you’re ready to take those first steps towards your new bulimia-free […]

21 Signs Some One Has Bulimia Nervosa

The warning signs of bulimia are not easy to spot. My wife Ali hid her eating disorder from me for 3 years. I know they say love is blind but we spent all day, every day together and I had absolutely no idea she was suffering from an eating disorder. The point is, people with […]

Does binge eating give me real joy?

It’s been snowing this past few days, so we’ve been able to take our kids sledding!  It has been some much needed, back to basics, pure, joyous fun.  And that’s what I want to talk to you about today.  This idea of joy. We are always seeking joy, and a source of that can be […]

Meditation for Binge Eating Recovery

Have you ever felt trapped in a never-ending cycle of binge eating? Perhaps the reason you’ve felt trapped is because you are. The minds of regular binge eaters tend to get stuck in a set of habitual thoughts. “I shouldn’t be eating that.” “I’m unable to resist the urges simply because of my lack of […]

The dangers of diets and how they lead to eating disorders

We need to talk about diets. Specifically those restrictive weight loss diets. Studies show they don’t work, they’re dangerous and they lead to eating disorders.It has been proven that people who diet are 18 times more likely to develop an eating disorder than those who do not.That’s right, 18 times more likely! Golden, N. H., […]

How To Avoid Binge Eating When in Self-Isolation

Heads up! Before we get deep into this post. We’ve put all the info in this blog post into a handy, shareable graphic. It’s A4 size so it’s perfect for printing out and keeping handy. Feel free to share it and help support others during this time. Click on the image to access the high […]