Ali Kerr

Alison Kerr (BA, Nutritional Therapist) is a best-selling author of several books on overcoming binge eating and bulimia. Her two books "The Binge Code" and "The Bulimia Help Method" are some of the highest-rated recovery books on Amazon. She currently lives in Scotland and enjoys yoga and walking in nature with her family (whenever the weather allows!)

Does bulimia cause cancer?

I remember just a few years ago thinking I knew every bulimia side effect and possible bulimia-related health complication under the sun, until  I read a sentence that totally shook me – “bulimia can cause cancer.” Now bear in mind that I knew bulimia could cause kidney failure, …

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Bulimia statistics

While statistics show that certain types of people are more likely to suffer from bulimia, it is important to remember that absolutely anyone can develop bulimia at any point in their life. Like all other eating disorders, bulimia does NOT discriminate against gender, age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, …

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What is “Bulimarexia”?

Bulimarexia, as its name suggests, is an eating disorder that causes it’s suffers to experience a combination of both bulimia and anorexia. Generally medical practitioners who accept “bulimarexia” as an eating disorder in it’s own right say it is: Primarily a form of anorexia nervosa with components …

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