Binge Code® Advanced

Together We’ll Help You Break Free From Binge Eating & Bulimia


Binge Code Advanced is an Exclusive Coaching Program Designed to Help you Break Free from Binge Eating in just 12 Weeks

Launches on Wednesday 8th May 2024

First session is at 2pm UK time, 9am ET


Limited to 20 places and will close when full

Do you ever think to yourself, “the Binge Code book is great, it makes sense, but I just can’t apply it on my own”?

Does recovery feel like one step forward and then one step back?

Do you worry that you haven’t got what it takes to overcome binge eating for good?

If you feel this way, let me assure you, this is very normal and very common. It’s not a negative reflection on you in any way.


Because overcoming binge eating is a challenge. We’re trying to fix a complex problem here. It’s normal to have setbacks and stumbles. It does NOT mean you haven’t got what it takes to recover.

So what’s the solution?

The solution is to invest in a supportive framework.

A platform that will reinforce and underpin your efforts and guide you through your journey. Without the right support to keep you on track it’s just too easy to lose focus and get disheartened.

So that’s why we created Binge Code Advanced.

Binge Code Advanced is an exclusive 12 Week Coaching program designed to provide you with:

  • More guidance
  • More support
  • More accountability
  • More clarity and direction
  • More encouragement
  • More feedback
  • More personalization
  • More insight
  • More knowledge

Basically, whatever you need to achieve success and finally break free from binge eating.

So, why are we so confident about Binge Code Advanced?

We’ve been coaching binge eating recovery for over 10 years. We’ve worked with thousands of clients and many more through our courses and programs. Not only that, our books are some of the best-selling, highest-rated recovery books on Amazon.

Binge Code Advanced is the culmination of that knowledge and experience.

How does Binge Code Advanced Work?

Binge Code Advanced is different than most courses about ending binge eating.


Because, unlike other courses, we don’t ask you to analyze your painful past experiences or ask you to examine any personality ‘flaws’ and we don’t treat you as though you are broken or faulty.

Our approach is very different from traditional therapy. There is very little introspection.

Instead, we focus on moving forward and taking action to transform your life. We encourage you to let go of the past and instead focus your energy and attention on improving your life today.

We do this in three ways:

  1. Firstly, we will help you gain clarity on what’s holding you back and then we empower you to overcome those roadblocks.
  2. Secondly, we will help you shift into a more resilient mindset so you feel stable, grounded, and confident in your ability to handle daily chaos, uncertainty, and stress.
  3. Finally, we will help you build new eating habits (that you can actually sustain) so you can nourish your body and dramatically reduce binge cravings. This way we ensure life-long lasting changes.

What's in the program?

12 Deep Live Coaching Sessions

Binge Code Advanced consists of 12 Live Deep Coaching Sessions. Each 75 minute Coaching Session will explore a unique aspect of the Binge Code Methodology (based on our best-selling books and over 10 years of coaching experience).

Every Coaching session has clear goals and intended outcomes and each session builds on the next so you experience a level of learning and development that is very intentional and strategic in its progression.

These Coaching sessions are 75 minutes long and will be uploaded to the members area soon after (soon don’t worry if you can’t make every call)

12 Week Coaching Session Outline

Here is an outline of the curriculum that will be covered over the 12 weeks.

12 Workbooks

In addition, each Coaching Session is followed up with an intensive workbook that not only reinforces the session topic but also allows you to reflect more deeply on the topic and to apply what you learn as quickly as possible! 

Work with a community of like minded people

Binge Code Advanced has been designed so that we all work together as a group. Time and time again we have witnessed the power of peer support.

Everyone starts together at the same time, so we are all in the same boat.

Each coaching session will be done as a group. Not only will you have the opportunity to speak directly with the coach, but you can also listen and learn as others share their challenges and successes.

Then, throughout the week you can chat with others on the course via the Telegram group. Having a group of people that deeply understand what you are going through is to keep you motivated and accountable.

What to expect at the end of the 12 weeks

Binge Code Advanced can guide you toward important, life-altering improvements like:

  • Developing a better relationship with food—without diets or “food rules”
  • Finding ways to cope other than eating when you feel sad or anxious
  • Feeling more focused and engaged in what’s happening right now—so you can be fully present at work, home, and in your relationships
  • Building resilience so you can better handle a stressful day, week, or month
  • Improving the quality of your sleep and rest—so you can feel and function your best
  • Feeling connected and supported by people who are in your corner
  • Overcoming your personal roadblocks 
  • Nourishing your body in a way that dramatically reduces any binge urges, so you feel more balanced, confident, calm, and in control around food.
  • You are setting yourself up for a lasting lifelong recovery.

Also, with our 12 week Guarantee, if at any point in the program you are not happy with it you can ask for a full refund*

Who is Binge Code Advanced for?

Binge Code Advanced is for anyone who wants to feel more in control around food. It’s that simple. 

This includes people who: 

  • Regularly binge on food
  • Eat when feeling emotional or stressed (emotional overeating)
  • Constantly hop on and off diets
  • Ever feel guilty or ashamed at what you’ve eaten
  • Have been diagnosed with BED (binge eating disorder) or bulimia
  • Are holding on to excess weight
  • Regularly fast or work out to compensate for bouts of overeating
  • Feel embarrassment or shame around your eating habits

A sensitive, understanding approach

Binge Code Advanced is a safe space. You will not find any calorie counting, no fad diets, no strict rules, no judgment, no weighing, no blaming. Just common sense, practical strategies that work and a safe, supportive environment to empower you. 

Discrete, private and confidential

We take your privacy very seriously. We hide all references to Binge Eating or eating disorders. Nothing will be sent to your home address. Any credit card payments will reference “Mind Free”, our parent company. 

Our unusual story

We just want to take this moment to say that we’re very excited to have you here. You’ve found a community of like-minded people who are discovering that real change is possible.

Binge Code Coaching has transformed the lives of so many people and we’re confident that you can benefit from it as well.

Ali struggled with Binge eating and bulimia for over 10 years. After set back, after set back we doubted recovery was even possible. But after a year of extensive research and study, we did find a way. This became the basis of the Binge Code.

Since 2008, we’ve helped over 23,000 clients experience life-changing health and body transformations.

Our secret?

Proven, research-driven methods that continue to work – and world-class coaching to support you every step of the way.


Meet your Coaches

Founder & best selling author Ali Kerr​

  • Founder of
  • 10+ years of coaching experience
  • Best-selling Author of “The Binge Code”
  • Best-selling Author of “The Bulimia Help Method”
  • Certified Nutritional Therapist
  • Professional Diploma Level 5

Ali Kerr is a former bulimia nervosa and binge eating sufferer who turned her decade-long struggle into a mission to help others.

After a challenging recovery journey, Ali committed 15 months to research and question everything about these disorders.

This led her to write The Binge Code and The Bulimia Help Method, top-rated, best-selling recovery books recommended worldwide. As a Nutritional Therapist, Ali now coaches clients globally, providing practical strategies and support.

Her mission is to guide people towards full recovery, helping them regain a normal relationship with food and uncover their true selves beneath their eating disorders. 

Coach Emi

  • Dietetics and Nutrition – BSc (Hons) Certified by Laureate International University
  • Psychology of Eating Coach – Certified by Centre of Excellence UK
  • Life and Health Coach – Certified Coach Practitioner by International Coaches Federation
  • Yoga and Mindfulness enthusiast

Emi, a dedicated recovery and life coach at Binge Code, battled with binge eating and yo-yo dieting for 10 years.

Despite trying various diets, therapies and weight loss products, she found recovery by changing her mindset about food.

Emi has transformed her own struggles into a passion for helping others on their recovery journey.

With over a decade of experience in the Wellbeing industry, Emi uses the Binge Code methodology to assist others in overcoming their obstacles and achieve a healthier relationship with food.

Binge Code Advanced Coach Call Schedule

Start date: Module 1 starts on Wednesday 8th May, and then every Wednesday until July 24th.

Time: Unless otherwise stated all coaching calls will be held at  2pm GMT (UK time) 

Duration: All Coaching Sessions calls are 75 minutes long. Don’t worry if you cannot make all the calls. All calls will be recorded so won’t miss out. 

Group Support: An ongoing private messaging group. The group will be limited to 20 places to ensure adequate support. 

"This program truly built the road to recovery that I had been trying to reach for so long. I have struggled with my eating disorder since I was 16. I am now 32 and finally able to look back on my journey."
"I suffered from eating issues for over 15 years. I’d given up all hope for recovery/normal life. Once I completed the audiobook, I knew I could do it! I just needed a little more help and guidance."
"I never ever thought I’d reach the day where my cupboards could be filled with chocolate, cereal, peanut butter (and all other sorts of former trigger foods) without feeling the desire to inhale them all."

Sign up today to get Free Bonus Content

As an incentive to take action on recovery you will also receive: 

The Binge Code Meditation Program

The Binge Code Meditation Program is a series of eight meditation audios, engineered to rapidly change the way you think and feel about food and about yourself. You can accelerate your recovery in just a few minutes a day

The Bulimia Help Method Program

Best on our best-selling book, The Bulimia Help Method Program follows a similar methodology to the Binge Code Program but is more focused on sufferers of bulimia and anyone who purges their food. 

Our Books

Free PDF and Ebook versions of our Amazon best sellers: The Binge Code and the Bulimia Help Method. 

Master Class Videos

Receive masterclass videos on:

  • Balancing Blood Sugar 
  • Advanced Meal planning
  • Cutting back on Excessive Exercise

What People Say about Binge Code Advanced

"...this program helped me create my own manual for recovery-collecting tips along the way and using the bits that work for me."
"I have really found the program beneficial. My self love and behaviours have shifted and I thank all your team for making your experience and knowledge accessible"
"This program is real support, offered by experts who genuinely care about your recovery. They created an environment in which I felt deep trust, and only in that space was I able to really explore my vulnerabilities.
"For the first time in my life I truly believe I can reach actual freedom to enjoy food again without any repercussions and guilt. I’m not quite there yet, though not far away either. The coaches have such empathy and are wise beyond their years and their ability to suggest appropriate tweaks to my routine/food etc is extraordinary. I will never regret taking the course, money and time well spent!"

100% Fully Guaranteed*

We are serious about helping you break free from Binge Eating. We understand that you may have tried a few recovery programs in the past and you may be feeling skeptical about starting another one.

So that’s why we wish to fully guarantee the whole 12-week program.

You can try out the complete 12-week program, use all the tools, and get the full support and coaching and if (for any reason) you do not feel you have gotten the desired result, you can simply request a full refund of the program*.

What do we need from you? We need you to take the first step

Kiwi Dela Cruz
Customer Happiness Manager

Remember you don’t have to say YES right now. You only have to say MAYBE. Go through the course for 12 Weeks risk-free from the day of purchase, see how you feel and it doesn’t work for you, you can request a refund. All we ask is that you at least give the program a try.* 

Binge Code Advanced

Launches on Wednesday 8th May 2023 First session at 2pm UK London time

Now $467 USD


Limited to 20 places and will close when full

Private and discrete

We take your privacy seriously. We will not send anything to your home address. The words “Binge Eating” or “Eating Disorders” will not appear on credit card/ paypal statements.

More feedback...

"I have not put on any weight, I have rediscovered spontaneity and I feel like I have gained so much freedom. I still can’t believe how much my life has changed for the better. My life at the moment is more ‘normal’ than it has been at any point in my memory.”
Ashley Clark
I have tried it all - counseling, CBT, psychiatry, inpatient, outpatient, ED unit, self-help, psychiatric drugs, hypnosis - yada yada yada – practical useful steps like your method seems to be working for me
Pat Mary
"Everything I had previously encountered presented recovery as being this soul-searching process whereby you have to discover ‘what is wrong with you’ struggle for years, possibly for life.
But The Binge Code was different! It promised me that I could recover and gave me concrete steps that I would take to put me down that path. Most importantly, it made sense."
Karen Sanders
"I’m almost three years free from any symptoms. I thought I would struggle with these issues for the rest of my life and I have never once been tempted to return to my old, destructive way of living."
"THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping me get my life back. I plan to use everything you have taught me to help others who are struggling with food, body image and chronic dieting."
"What can I say? The Binge Code is the only thing that has helped me to reclaim my life. Once I started balancing my blood sugar and eating more frequently, I found I felt (and even looked) healthier than ever."
"I tried EVERYTHING to eat normally, and I just couldn’t. Now I am finally free!”
Georgia Keighery

Guarantee, disclaimer and a bit of common sense


We are very happy to process your refund, but we also want to make sure you at least make a fair attempt at implementing the strategies outlined. We’re passionate about recovery and firmly believe that anyone can make a full recovery from binge eating, however, we also know how challenging it can be at times. We don’t want people giving up before they’ve given it a fair chance.

With that in mind, we ask you to show documented proof that you have completed at least 3 of the weekly workbooks (out of 12) distributed during the course. These can be emailed to As long as these are emailed through at any point during the 12-week program (and before course completion) we are happy to process your refund. Our hope is that by filling out the workbooks you engage deeper with the program and feel inspired to continue with recovery.


It’s important to understand that Binge Code Coaches are not counselors or therapists or medical doctors.

This program is for GENERAL ADVICE ONLY and does not offer any professional opinions in regards to your health. Additionally, this course is not for those who are medically underweight or currently suffering from anorexia. If you are underweight or suffer from any deficiencies, intolerances or injuries that may affect your diet in any way, you should make an appointment with your doctor.

Similarly, if you encounter any health complications along the way, such as oedema (swelling of the extremities), chest pains, palpitations, aches, and so on, consult your doctor. Serious complications are unlikely, but it’s always best to be safe.

All results stated above are not guaranteed. Any case studies or results stated are only estimates of what is possible. There is no assurance you’ll do as well other clients. Results are based on many factors including commitment to the program, taking action and making changes, and how embedded the behaviors are.

To participate, you must be AT LEAST 18 YEARS OLD and not suffering from complicating physical or mental health conditions.