About us

It doesn’t matter if you binge on food once a week or multiple times a day. It doesn’t matter if you are overweight, underweight or normal weight. 

If you find yourself uncontrollable around food, you are in the right place. We can help you. We’ve written two successful book(s) on overcoming disordered eating and we’ve been coaching recovery since 2008.

In short

  • We specialise in coaching people to end their struggle with binge eating, overeating and bulimia. We help them get off the roller-coaster of guilt, shame and food obsession. We help them make peace with food and end body weight fluctuations.
  •  We have a high recovery success rate. Our books are some of the best reviewed books within their field with an incredible 96% approval rating on Amazon.com.
  • Over the past 10 years we have helped thousands of people recover. From the diversity of people and recoveries we have witnessed over the past few years, we believe that without a doubt no one is beyond help and that there is no such thing as being too weak or too broken for recovery.
  • We believe our unique approach to treatment is at the forefront of a groundbreaking revolution in eating disorder recovery. We focus on simplepracticaleasy to follow steps that have been proven to work (we love science based studies).

Why people come to us for coaching

We speak from experience. We are best selling authors. We are endorsed by University Professors, Eating Disorders Specialists and Doctors. We have been featured in many leading publications, including Psychology Today, The Telegraph, and have been referenced in other leading Eating disorder books about recovery.

You’re not just another client: Binge Code Coaching is a highly personal service. You get your own personal coach, a real human who will be there for you from start to finish. Your coach will guide you gently, with kindness, compassion and understanding, step by step, towards a full recovery. Each of our Binge Code Coaches are knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about what they do.

We know what we are talking about, because we have been there too: Not only are all our coaches highly experienced, all of our coaches have suffered with eating disorders first hand and have fully recovered. They understand the pain, the loneliness, the challenges, the struggles, because they’ve been there too. There is no-one more experienced or better to have in your corner.

We teach you valuable skills you need for life-long freedom: The end goal of Binge Code Coaching is to teach you the skills for lifelong recovery. Think of us as training wheels on a bicycle. After a while, once you get back in balance and build your confidence you will no longer need our support.

Our service is 100% private and discreet: We take your privacy seriously. We will not send anything to your home address. The words “Bulimia” “Binge Eating” or “Eating Disorders” will not appear on credit card/ paypal statements.

A word from our founder

Ali Kerr
  • Founder of BingeCode.com
  • Best-selling Author of “The Binge Code” and “The Bulimia Help Method”

Hi there,

I am delighted to have you here. My name is Ali Kerr and I suffered from both bulimia nervosa and binge eating over a period of 10 years. At its worst, I was binge/purging over 10 times a day and feared for my life.

There’s only so much abuse a body can take it felt like all the years of self-inflicted damage were finally catching up with me.

I’d lost my menstrual cycle, I’d become socially withdrawn and depressed. I was suffering from weight fluctuations, panic attacks, heart palpitations, bad teeth, severe food, and body preoccupation. My life was an endless cycle of bingeing, purging, then starving, bingeing, purging, then starving. Food was a battleground and hunger was my enemy. Normal life felt like a distant forgotten memory.

In 2003, I hit rock bottom. I found myself passed out on the toilet floor. My heart was palpitating, I felt shaky, weak, broken and I instinctively knew that my body wouldn’t allow me to carry on this way much longer. I had abused it enough. There was a limit and I had reached mine.

This had to stop.
I didn’t want to die. |
With nothing left to lose I decided that I was going to dedicate my life to defeating this.

The idea that I could:

  • ever stop bingeing,
  • help thousands of other people to stop bingeing,
  • write a book about stopping bingeing, and
  • appreciate the insight and understanding my suffering gave me…

Well, that was just an impossible dream.

It wasn’t like I didn’t try to stop. Oh my, I tried so hard to stop. With every atom of my being, with every ounce of my willpower, I tried to resist the urge to binge on food but it never worked. I couldn’t stop. I wasn’t sure if I was mad, broken, lacked willpower or all of the above. What I did know was that I was terrified, alone, ill and that my life was in danger.

Perhaps most dangerous of all was the fact that I was beginning to lose hope. Hope of ever recovering. Hope of ever being free. Living without hope is a dark place to be.

So, right off the bat, I want to give you hope. More than anything I want to give you hope.

If you suffer with binge eating you know how much control food can hold over your life. Every second of every day you are bombarded by thoughts of food. Every food advert, fast food joint, convenience store and vending machine can trigger uncontrollable food cravings. Food is everywhere, all the time and it’s exhausting.

Eating food fills you simultaneously with feelings of pleasure, guilt, dread and shame. Somehow you can just eat, eat and eat and never seem to reach the point where you feel satisfied. Afterwards you worry about weight gain and berate yourself for lacking control. In the back of your mind you fear that it is too late for you, that you are too weak, too broken and you worry that you are doomed to suffer with the pain and misery of life as a binge eater.

I can tell you right now that these fears are unfounded. From the diversity of people and success stories I have witnessed over the past decade, I can tell you without a doubt that no one is beyond help and that there is no such thing as being too weak or too broken to break free from binge eating. You can get your life back. A life completely free from any urges to eat vast quantities of food.

It doesn’t matter if you binge on food once a week or multiple times a day. It doesn’t matter if you are overweight, underweight or normal weight. If you find yourself uncontrollable around food, you are in the right place. Trust me, you can do this, you can have hope.

I documented my findings in my books The Binge Code and The Bulimia Help Method. To date they are amongst the best-reviewed, best-selling eating disorder recovery books on Amazon and are recommended by experts, doctors, and eating disorder charities.

Our mission is to cut through the confusion and provide you with simple, practical strategies that have been proven to work.